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    Welcome to Algebra Prep

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    Welcome to Algebra Prep

    My name is Kim Wray and I am excited to be your instructor for this Algebra Prep course. This course is designed to prepare you for College Algebra and is a mastery based course. Mastery based courses are designed to allow you to work on the skills you need to review in order to be ready to take College Algebra. There are 10 topics that we will cover in this course starting with Whole Numbers and working to Logarithmic Functions. After you take your initial assessment, your study path will be created around how well you understand the objectives of each of the 10 topics. 

    Be sure to review the Syllabus and I look forward to working with you.

    Course Concepts

    • Whole Numbers
    • Fractions and Decimals
    • Real Numbers
    • Rates and Ratios
    • Equations
    • Polynomials and Factoring
    • Functions
    • Systems of Equations
    • Rational Expressions
    • Radical and Quadratic Functions
    • Exponential and Logarithmic Functions

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